Design Inspiration

SU20 - More of You

More is more has been the guiding principle for the creation of this summer's collection. With inspiration from Los Angeles - the city of angels, music, pop art and beach days, expressive and colorful lines have been designed. Angel wings, bohemian statement jewellery and freshwater pearls are some of the collection's themes. We want to inspire joy, optimism and enhance who you are!

From sketch to jewellery

Co-founder and chief designer Cathrine Edblad always begins her new collections of hand-drawn sketches. They are then elaborated in the design team and developed to the final piece. The summer statement line Angel, was first mentioned as 'I can fly' but as the work on the collection continued and inspiration from Los Angeles, the name 'Angel' fit so much better!

Janet became Tina

Inspired by the music queens of the 80s and with her popping bling, Tina is perfect for summer parties! In the sketching stage, the line was referred to as Janet, but when the line was completed, the name landed in Tina after Tina Turner. Nice creoles, necklaces, bracelets and ankle chains with cubic zirconia that bring the mind to an energy pumping Los Angeles!